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The investigated interval was dated to 2. The absence of typical early Pliocene species Batiacasphaera minuta, Corrudinium devemaliae, Echinidinium euaxum, Operculodinium tegillatum, Pyxidinopsis vesiculata, Bitectatodinium serratum and Reticulatosphaera actinocoronata in the studied interval supports this conclusion. Therefore the studied interval in this study is believed to be representing the uppermost part of the Utsira Formation.

Publisher The University of Bergen. Subject palynologi. Copyright the author. Year: Volume: 5 Issue: 2 Page No. Durugbo and R. Abstract: A detailed understanding of the biostratigraphy of the Dahomey Basin in southwestern Nigeria will broaden our knowledge of the Basin which traversed different West African countries especially as Nigeria is working towards increasing her petroleum output. The palynological investigation of eight surface outcrops from Ifon town of the Upper Araromi Formation processed using conventional methods of disaggregation and removal of carbonates and silicates with hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid and further treatment with hot hydrochloric acid HCl , wet-sieving over a 5-micron sieve and the Branson Sonifier used for the complete removal of silt and clay particles.

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Each residue was prepared for study as strewn mounts using Loctite. The samples yielded a rich assemblage of Maastrichtian-Paleocene palynomorphs among which were common Ariadnaesporites spinosa , A. The palynological age assigned to the samples were based on already published ranges of the palynostratigraphically important taxa.

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  • A Stratigraphic Index of Dinoflagellate Cysts.
  • A Stratigraphic Index of Dinoflagellate Cysts.
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The preponderance of these palm pollen, together with diatom frustules and a dinoflagellate cyst suite dominated by Gonyaulaceleans, indicates sediment deposition in a highly productive shallow marine environment. Stratigraficheskaya schema palaeogenovikh otlozheny Ukraini. Standard Tertiary and Quaternary calcareous nannoplankton zonation. Edizioni Tecnoscienza Rome 2: Supplementary modification and introduction of code numbers to the lower-latitude coccolith biostratigraphic zonation Buckry Micropalaeontology 5 3 : Novie dannie po paleontologicheskoy kharakteristike buchakskoy kievskoy i obukhovskoy svit severnovo borta Dneprovo-Donetskoy vpadini skv.

Dinoflagellate cysts(?) with micron scale movement (bacteria?)

Zbirnik Nauk. Micropaleontologicheskiy analys eocenovikh otlozheny skvazhina No. Recommendations for methods of palynological preparation of sediments.

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Dinoflagellate cysts of the Tertiary System. A Stratigraphic Index of Dinoflagellate Cysts. Upper Palaeocene-lower Eocene dinoflagellate cyst sequence biostratigraphy of southeast England: In: Knox R. Corfield R. Special Publication - Geological Society vol. Organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts as palaeoenvironmetal indicators in the Palaeogene; a synopsis of concepts.

Eocene sediments of the north-eastern slope of the Dnepr- Donetz Depression Zonation and cycles analysis. Organikostenniy microphytoplankton i foraminiferi kievskoy sviti centralnovo rayona Ukrainskovo shita Organic-walled microphytoplankton and foraminifera of the Kiev Suite of the Ukrainian Shield. Geological Journal 1: Nannoplankton in dinocysti seredno-verkhnoeocenovikh vidkladiv platformenoy Ukraini. Usloviya sushestvovaniya dinoflagellate v pozdnepalaeogenovom basseine Kievskogo pridnestroviya. Ecosytemi geologichnovo minulovo Ukraini. Tezisi dop. Izmenenie sostava dinocyst na rubezhe srednego i posdnego eocena Severnoy Ukraini summary: Changes in dinocyst composition on the middle-late Eocene boundary in Northern Ukraine.

Geological Journal. Geological Journal 2: Microfitofossilii dinocysti pozdnevo palaeogena Ukrainskogo shita i ikh stratigraphicheskoe znachenie. Souchasni problem geologichnoy nauki Kiev: From greenhouse to icehouse; organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts as palaeoenvironmental indicators in the Palaeogene. Nizhnetretichnye otlozhenya Yuzhnoy Rossii. Trudi Geol.

Komiteta Sankt- Petersburg 9 2. Fauna glaukonitovikh peskov Ekaterinoslavskovo zheleznodorozhnovo mosta. Komiteta Sankt-Petersburg 9 3. Fauna molluskov Mandrikovki. Komiteta Sankt-Petersburg Novaya Seriya vip. Mesozoic-Tertiary dinoflagellate acritarchs and prasinophytes: In: Jansonius J.

SMIT J. Global cooling accelerated by early late Eocene impacts. Geology Southern Ocean and global dinoflagellate cyst events compared; index events for the Late Cretaceous-Neogene: In: Exon N. Kennett J. College Station Texas. Materiali k stratigraficheskoy scheme Ukraini.

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