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Team member John Gillaspy observes, "That's part of the fascination of these highly charged ions. Things become very strange and bizarre.

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Things that are normally weak become amplified, and some of the rules of thumb and scaling laws that you learned in graduate school break down when you get into this regime. Density dependence of the forbidden lines in Ni-like tungsten. B: At. Ralchenko, J.

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Reader, J. Pomeroy, J. Tan and J. Journal RSS feed. Sign up for new issue notifications. With a gap of two years since the previous workshop there had been time for considerable refining and rethinking of the earlier ideas while some designs simply evolved and became more credible. One daunting aspect of this book is that it shows that the authors have often become more aware of the challenges that the ITER device present to diagnostic implementation while the demands of ITER plasma control needs and physics understanding have also become clearer.

The book is in no way dated by its relationship to the full-sized ITER; the thought that has gone into these designs relates as well to a smaller device.

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The issues of integration of diagnostics onto smaller ports with possibly less shielding will have to be addressed but no significant problem is foreseen. Nor are any new plasma measurements likely to be required, but the dependence on advanced tokamak modes of performance may place tighter specifications on the measurement requirements for control, particularly on the spatial resolution of profile parameters such as the density, temperature and safety factor.

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The quality of the printed papers makes for very good reading, even though many of them concentrate on detailed design aspects of the interface of a diagnostic system with the structural material of the tokamak. Often the concerns are about maintenance of alignment, vacuum and window interfaces and, very much for the optical diagnostics, performance and lifetime of mirrors placed close behind the first wall.

There is a wide variation between the progression in design of the diagnostics, but this is easily explained by the very different amounts of time that were spent on design of different systems. The organizers had been looking for a broad coverage of the systems required to enable an assessment of the overall status of this aspect of the ITER program, and this book provides that perspective.

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