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A recurrent theme is the stable and robust "inversion" of a linear filter.

Sub-Band Coding - Discrete Time Signal Processing

Discrete-time linear systems and filters: state-space realizations, z-transform and spectrum, decimation and interpolation, digital filter design, stable realizations and robust inversion. The discrete Fourier transform and its use for digital filtering. Printed lecture notes are handed out in the first two lectures and can later be obtained from the assistants.

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Ability to apply principles of probablity theory for analysis and numerical estimation of power spectral densities. Ability to use basic DSP functions and algorithms i. Ability to perform experiments with real-world signals and DSP systems, including discrete-time filters, spectrum analyzer, acoustic direction finding, etc.

Application of integral calculus, discrete math, and complex variables, and transform theory to discrete-time signal processing. Most recently a discrete time filtering experiment was added to the course, based on sampling of the earlier continuous time filter.

by Paolo Prandoni and Martin Vetterli

In observing and explaining what is happening, the students achieve a better understanding of the sampling concept itself, as well as getting comfortable with the idea that some continuous time filters can be very well approximated by digital filters. Article :. DOI: Need Help?

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