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I always like receiving books, especially ones I can learn from. My father liked that book and so do I. And because words are powerful and important tools in life, I like to have updated dictionaries on hand. I get a new one every year. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. A college campus was bound to be a feast for Tom, but with elegant prose and hilarious insight, he has evoked every aspect of the place — sounds, smells, ludicrous language, and a certain randy governor.

Finally, let me do justice to a book we should have reviewed months ago.

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It is a superb collection of essays on American presidents by some splendid taxonomists. The professor who presided over my Ph. Ferrell, is there with a fine essay on Herbert Hoover.

There are other essays that particularly fetched me, Paul Johnson on a certain randy ex-governor, for instance. The great Bob Bartley has a sapient essay on leadership, and he certainly demonstrated that capacity in helping us revitalize AmSpec. But the writer I want to pay special homage to is James Taranto. Subscribe Login Logout Edit Account. About Authors Events Contact Submissions. Politics Americana. Blog Donate. Hot Off The Press. Who Goes Falstaff?

Ben Stein's Diary.

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A sampling from our annual December issue list of Holiday gift suggestions from distinguished readers and writers. He had it made in the shade, said my complacent conservative friends. Thank you! This stumper is ringing bells with me, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the book or the author. Read it many times back in the early 80s, a blue paperback with a unicorn on the cover in white rays of light. Something to do with a lost?

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A girl goes on holiday to a seaside resort and befriends a boy who is being bullied by local boys, they discover a unicorn trapped in ice? Hope this rather random memory helps someone! Neither threats nor Bermuda hurricanes stop the tantalizing search for the "Lost Vermeer. Clayton, The Blue Grotto, So uncommon are they that often the fiction and essays within were never printed anywhere else let alone in book form. Can't find it listed anywhere else! Nesbit, The Enchanted Castle.

In this book a group of children bring a garden of statues to life with I think a magic ring. Nesbit, The Enchanted Castle, The children in E. Nesbit's "Enchanted Castle" -- Gerald, Cathy aka Puss Cat or Scratch Cat and Jimmy -- come across a girl with a magic ring that gets them into all sorts of mis adventures. At one point, Cathy turns into one of the statues that come alive at night in the castle's magic garden.

A pencil comes into play in a couple of instances, most strikingly when the person using the pencil is invisible.

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I'm not sure if I'm right on this one, but if I am, your mother is remiss -- this was a National Book Award winner not to mention an extremely famous author. When Nina first sees her in the French Museum, she senses there is something unreal about the strange, beautiful girl. And she will have to travel back through time, back to France and the court of the stone children…" E.

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I remember this too, but I can't think of the title. I'm fairly sure it was one of the many books written by E.

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Nesbit, but a search didn't bring up a title and description that fit. And her books are old and sometimes hard to find I think she died in the s. If it is the same book I'm remembering, the author used the phrase "in their marble" to describe how the statues were alive but still made of stone - as in, they were moving "in their marble". And yes, they were in some kind of elaborate garden.

The Stone Garden. I seem to recall this title, but I don't remember any other details. I've read all the books listed, but the clue doesn't quite fit any of them. Nesbit "book" actually a short story is "Man-Size in Marble" and is creepy as all get-out. Enchanted Castle seems closest, though.

Digory and Polly meet and become friends one cold, wet summer in London. Their lives burst into adventure when Digory's Uncle Andrew, who thinks he is a magician, sends them hurling to…somewhere else. I agree with the solution of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe for this stumper because I think Edmund scribbles a mustache with a pencil on one of the stone statues a lion, thinking it is Aslan?

Catherine Storr, Marianne's dream. Could it be Marianne's Dream? Marianne is sick in bed and finds a pencil to draw with. She draws a garden, house and boy and that night dreams about him. It was also a tv programme in the 70's. Quite frightening as the stones around the house come to life! Leland B. This sounds like a book my mother still has. It is a compilation, not written by Richard Scarry which could be why you haven't found it.

The first story is about a monkey who gets stung by a bee. It is published by Golden Press N. Follows the adventures of a stowaway boy, including his friendship with captain and crew and near shipwreck during a violent storm.

S Little Tim and the brave sea captain does not have those words in it, unless the Scholastic copy has been censored. Otherwise, the story fits. Thank you so much for trying. We are mystified Maybe we made a few things up as we read I guess we'll try to find the book you've mentioned and see if it is THE book. You are doing a wonderful thing! Again, thanks for trying. I wish I could read everything on your site. Will try again, see what I get.


Thank you for your kind response to my request S re stowaway child. Or, perhaps you have had more news since our last communcation. You are performing a great service to all bibliophiles. A brother and sister visit a Brooklyn park on Christmas Eve to see if an old Lebanese legend is really true: that "the trees kneel at Christmas. S Roller Skates? Or it could even be Little Women , although that's set in the 's. Alcott, Little Women. This sounds very similar to Little Women. Four girls living at the turn of the century, one goes to europe Sydney Taylor, All of a Kind Family.

Betsy and the Great World, etc. This is just a possibility -- the "older" Betsy books from the Betsy-Tacy series the ones with Vera Neville's illustrations, not Lois Lenski's.