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The packaging is is so great. My daughter is going to love it.

And the Skipping Girl is too cute. You can get better earnings and redeeming rates at higher tier levels. Learn more about our program. Title Default Title. Nailed It! Due to the hand made nature of our designs minor variations may occur from piece to piece. As a woman, who can easily relate to the heroine with her struggles on body image, I applaud Harper Sloan for stripping her readers naked and allowing them to see true beauty does not solely lie on the outside. But that beauty is in our flaws, imperfections and the true essence of beauty lies in happiness.

Our beauty lies in accepting everything about oneself whether you are a size 0 or size And Harper Sloan's Perfectly Imperfect truly captured this important message. Willow Tate is a heroine that I truly admire because she showed us what it means to be real, vulnerable and how to find strength, love and happiness within oneself. Willow is just like any woman out there who finds themselves losing control. And when we hit rock bottom, depression and insecurities can take root leaving us to feel uncomfortable in our skins. Hence, making us feel not worthy of love.

Our sense of self worth is lost in peer pressure, negativity and insecurity. And for Willow Tate, the journey of acceptance and happiness was not an easy feat. It was a journey that took years and months for her to really step back and see that her self-worth was the key to her happiness and love. And along this path of reclaiming her life, she found a man who loved and appreciated all her curves.

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Though Perfectly Imperfect biggest message was about learning to love yourself, it also had a great love story in the backdrop. I absolutely adored the relationship of Willow and Kane as they navigated through their relationship. As a celebrity in Hollywood, Kane Masters never pressured Willow to change or be skinny.

He accepted everything about her and I loved that he was her biggest supporter and her pillar of strength. Thank you Harper Sloan for gifting your readers this beautiful and touching story. Thank you for writing a story that was full of heart, honesty and raw emotions. And lastly, thank you for reminding readers who are the Willow Tate's out there that it's okay to be imperfect. So if you are looking for a sexy romance that will set your hearts racing and a book that delivers a heartfelt message then I highly recommend you to read Perfectly Imperfect.

Just remember perfect is boring and imperfections is beauty. Harper Sloan I understand the sentiment behind the book. The meaning is beautiful. But it's not just for me. I was bored most of the time. View 1 comment. I've struggled to write this review.


I didn't want to go into anything overly personal but at the same time I felt like Willow's story forced you to reveal a little of yourself. So many woman deal with body image issues.

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So often the way we see ourselves is in a negative light. And so so so often we feel so completely unworthy that being motivated to put in effort, to change and make ourselves better, is almost impossible. How can you change your self perception when you don't think you are worth I've struggled to write this review. How can you change your self perception when you don't think you are worthy of that change? It's extremely hard. Growing up I was a skinny girl. I never had weight issues, but I had other issues. I never really knew WHO I was. I looked for my sense of worth in so many bad places.

Once I turned 18, I got married, and within a couple months was pregnant. I put on A LOT of weight. And with every child I had I have 3 kids , my hips grew thicker, my butt grew bigger, my boobs got fuller, and my tummy was rounder. Slowly over time these "self image issues" have grown in leaps and bounds. And I have lost any sense of who I am. I think that's where so many woman will relate to Willow and this story. She feels like she's not good enough. She feels fat and ugly and unworthy of love and compassion. But the thing that separates Willow and makes her so inspiring is that under all that pain and rejection is woman who has FIGHT in her.

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And she is ready to try and turn things around. Her toxic marriage is ending. And Willow is ready to leave the past behind and do something to make her life better. When Kane Masters enters Willow's life she is able to see herself through his eyes and with some nudging she is able to really find her self worth. There is definitely drama and angst, crazy characters and funny moments, sex and swooniness, but I think this book is deeper than all that. This is really Willows journey to self acceptance.

I enjoyed every minute of it and I really loved watching her blossom and bloom under Kane's touch and unconditional love. I definitely think this book made me think about some of my personal issues and Willow inspired me to attack them. To find some sort of strength and motivation in myself to make the changes I need to make and accept myself for who I am, flaws and all. Nov 09, K. I'm a bit speechless, so please stay with me. I went into Perfectly Imperfect with a general idea of what I thought the book would be about and even though I was right on some level, Perfectly Imperfect was so much more.

There aren't many book that can hold my attention and draw emotion from me, but this one did just that. There were points during the book where I would've swore that Harper somehow managed to weasel her way into my brain and pull the words from my head. She was able to capture s I'm a bit speechless, so please stay with me.

She was able to capture so much with her character Willow and I truly believe that most women will be able to connect to her in some way or another and not only will they connect with her, they wall fall in love with her just like I did I've said it over and over again and i'll say it now Trust me when i say that Kane Masters will quickly become your next book boyfriend.

I'm a firm believer of not giving away too many details in a review, and that holds firm with this book.

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Perfectly Imperfect is one of those stories that you have to experience. It's a lot like a ride, you have to sit down, buckle up and trust this amazingly talented author to take you one hell of a ride. And trust me, she will take you on one hell of a ride.

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Will she rip your heart out Will she put it back together Will she pulls emotions from you that you didn't even know existed But isn't that great thing about authors There is no doubt in my mind that this is Harper's best work to date and I promise you that you will not regret reading this book. To put it simply, Perfectly Imperfect is an amazing tale of one woman's journey through life and her ability to overcome her hardships and insecurities. With each page her strength will amaze you and you'll find yourself rooting for her, and crying with her. Thank you, Harper, for this beautiful story.

Aug 16, Beth Hudspeth rated it liked it Shelves: reads , book-reviews. Reviewed by : Hello Beautiful Book Blog Steamy scenes, romantic gestures and cute banter made this book a fun read. I love body positivity. That was my favorite part.


We need more books, media, and influence for girls to love themselves. Willow embodied women everywhere. I was so happy to read about her journey to happiness. It was definitely over the top, but it was needed to understand what Willow is going through in her home life. She is broken down by the people who are supposed to love her unconditionally. Despite all of the emotional torture, Willow is strong at her core.

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  • Kane Masters is an actor and director. I, for one have never been that infatuated with the idea of dating a celebrity. I thought this was pretty average in the idea department, but I get why it fit with the story that he was in the public eye. That is something Willow needed to deal with and Kane helps her with everything she needs. I love heriones who are strong on their own.

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    As the story goes on I felt a little better about the fact that Kane was the one to save her. He is so patient and loving with her and it made me reconsider. Sometimes people just need a push in the right direction. All girls have a little bit of Willow in them. We all have insecurities nestled within us.