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Blistering phenomena in delaminated thin films

We analyze the steady state, its linear stability and nonlinear regime. In the latter case, long-wave models are compared with integral-boundary-layer ones and bifurcation diagrams for permanent solitary wave solutions of the different models are constructed. Time-dependent computations with the integral-boundary-layer models show that the system approaches a train of coherent structures that resemble the solitary pulses obtained in the bifurcation diagrams.

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Emergent topological phenomena in thin films of pyrochlore iridates. - Abstract - Europe PMC

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  1. Diffusion Phenomena in Thin Films of High Temperature Superconductors of the Y-Ba-Cu-O System.
  2. Thin Films;
  3. Publication details.
  4. Electrical and Structural Origin of Self-Healing Phenomena in Pentacene Thin Films..

Article Abstract PDF 1. Asymptotic phenomena in pressurized thin films C. Fingerprint Wrinkling.

Diffusion Phenomena in Thin Films of High Temperature Superconductors of the Y-Ba-Cu-O System

Boundary value problems. Thin Films. Thin films. Direct numerical simulation.

INTERFERENCE IN THIN FLIMS - by reflected light and transmitted light (HINDI)

Boundary Value Problem. Two Parameters.

Numerical Study. Coman, C.